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Insurance costs are a major portion of overhead for most businesses. Each industry has its own unique set of exposures that they must protect from loss. We provide our clients with a comprehensive review of their exposures and make recommendations regarding what coverages are needed, what limits and deductible levels are appropriate and what exposures may be best controlled in ways other than insurance. This process is the Risk Management function that we provide our clients. We don’t just price policies. We educate and then advise our clients. For us to be successful we work to become a partner in your business, a trusted and respected part of the team.

We  provide the following services:

  • Risk Management Review
  • Loss control Analysis
  • Claim handling overview
  • Flexible financing options
  • Alternative risk transfer options


Contractors face a wide array of exposures each time they set foot on a new project. Whether you are a general contractor, heavy highway or subcontractor, you have unique exposures. We deal with a number of insurance companies that specialize in the construction industry. We are able to provide exceptionally broad property and liability coverages. We can assist you in choosing the best loss sensitive plan for your workers’ compensation program. We will thoroughly explain all coverage enhancements and exclusions so that you are not caught in a uninsured situation. We have an experienced staff that is used to handling the paper flow associated with contractor accounts.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Assistance on workers’ compensation audits
  • Environmental coverage
  • Builders’ risk coverage
  • Program for general contractors to control their subcontractors exposure
  • Clarification of workers’ compensation options


We have the expertise and the carriers to handle the complex exposures that exist in the world of manufacturing equipment, components, the development of software, and computerized instruments. We have customized package policies that cover everything from liability to errors and omissions. Our carriers offer in-depth loss control services that will help you identify your exposures and control them, which will result in lower insurance costs.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Workplace safety programs
  • Research & development coverage
  • Product recall protection


Whether you manufacture masonry blocks or windows, we can provide you broad coverage options on your plant and equipment as well as business interruption and business income options. Prince Associates has a number of aggressive workers’ compensation programs available and all our carriers offer excellent and productive loss control services.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Recommendations on written safety programs
  • Aggressive dividend plans or workers’ compensation
  • Claims handling guidelines


A custom program for the unique exposures faced in the food processing business. Whether you manufacture pasta or distribute fruit, this is the program for your business.

Some of the specialized coverages include:

  • Peak season inventory coverage
  • Market price/Selling price valuation of your product at time of loss
  • Change in temperature/humidity

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